#099 – Keane: This could be the end of everything so why don’t we go

“And If you have a minute why don’t we go Talking about that somewhere only we know? This could be the end of everything So why don’t we go So why don’t we go“ Anúncios

#096 – Rock’n Roll gone Country

#094 – Britney Spears: See the sunlight, we ain’t stopping

See the sunlight, we ain’t stopping Keep on dancing ?till the world ends If you feel it, let it happen Keep on dancing ?till the world ends (World ends, world ends)

#092 – Drew Barrymore, Best Coast & Your Deal

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#084: The Coronas: What will you do for the summer? You’ve got to decide.

“What will you do for the summer? You’ve got to decide. As long as you don’t waste another here I don’t mind Take off your make-up and break up ‘cause you know it’s safer when you’re young free and single Grace, don’t wait for the others to live your life!…Oh”

#083 – Mike Poser: You need everyone’s eyes just to feel seen

“See I got you all figured out You need everyone’s eyes Just to feel seen Behind your make-up Nobody knows Who you even know Who do you think you are”

#081 – Darren Criss: Now I know it ain’t easy, but it ain’t hard trying

“That you are not alone cause you’re here with me and nothings ever gonna bring us down cause nothing can keep me from lovin’ you and you know its true it don’t matter what’ll come to be our love is all we need to make it through“

#074 – Rent: No way, can I be what I’m not

“No way, can I be what I’m not But hey, don’t you want your girl hot? Oh, don’t fight, don’t loose your head ‘Cause every night who’s in your bed”

#073 – Cabana Café – Tu dis que je suis blasé

“Tu dis que je suis blasé Et, bien sûr, j’aime me frotter”

#068 – Zac Posen for Target, The Like & Gia Coppola

“Hungry like the wolf This wasn’t my dream, but every day keeps getting better We only look mean, crazy like a fox Things aren’t how the seem, right?”