#083 – Mike Poser: You need everyone’s eyes just to feel seen

“See I got you all figured out You need everyone’s eyes Just to feel seen Behind your make-up Nobody knows Who you even know Who do you think you are” Anúncios

#082 – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

And Sam looked at the paper and then she looked at me. “Charlie. . . Have you ever kissed a girl?” I shook my head no. It was so quiet. “Not even when you were little?” I shook my head no again. And she looked very sad. She told me about the first time she … Continue lendo

#081 – Darren Criss: Now I know it ain’t easy, but it ain’t hard trying

“That you are not alone cause you’re here with me and nothings ever gonna bring us down cause nothing can keep me from lovin’ you and you know its true it don’t matter what’ll come to be our love is all we need to make it through“

#080 – Top Models

#079 – Harry Potter (including first audition)

#078 – Nobody said it was easy…

… No one ever said it would be this hard!

#077 – Leighton Meester, Lovestruck & Vera Wang

#076 – Let it be